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A.j. Michel Zinester Ephemera Collection

Identifier: SC10-13

This collection contains buttons, pamphlets, a program and a t-shirt.

Dates: 2002 - 2013

Laura Poll Zinester Ephemera Collection

Identifier: SC10-12

This collection contains images used in the Queer Action Figures zines, a plastic mustache and a plastic scorpion.

Dates: circa 2000s

Keight Bergmann Zinester Ephemera Collections

Identifier: SC10-11

This collection contains correspondence to Bergmann, pamphlets, invitations, photographs, a t-shirt, a glove and a cloth.

Dates: 1998-2002

JB Brager Zinester Ephemera Collection

Identifier: SC10-14

This collection consists of five original posters, four of which advertise D.C.'s Zinefest.

Dates: 2012, 2014

Celia Pérez Zinester Ephemera Collection

Identifier: SC10-16

The Celia Pérez Zinester Ephemera Collection contains correspondence to Celia Pérez from Keight Bergmann.

Dates: 1998 - 2002

Jennifer Bleyer Zinester Ephemera Collection

Identifier: SC10-17

This collection contains various zines and zine production, advertisement, and distribution materials created by Jennifer Bleyer, Bleyer's correspondence, journals, and other zine-related ephemera.

Dates: 1992 - 1995

Ducky DooLittle Zinester Ephemera Collection

Identifier: SC10-19

The Ducky DooLittle Ephemera Collection contains erotic fiction, humor and personal zines, business cards, event flyers, performance photographs, a calander, and nipple clamps all by or related to DooLittle's career as a sex educator, worker and performer.

Dates: 1996 - 1998

Nia King Zinester Ephemera Collection

Identifier: SC10-20

The Nia King Zinester Ephemera Collection contains zine fest and conference ephemera, King's early publications and thesis, and original and photocopied zine flats and other ephemeral materials tied to King's decades-long involvement in zine subcultures centering queer artists of color.

Dates: 2003-2020, bulk 2007-2018

Ali Cotterill Zinester Ephemera Collection

Identifier: SC10-22

The Ali Cotterill Zinester Ephemera Collection consists of CDs by DIY or independent women- and queer-led punk, hardcore, alternative rock, and alternative pop bands.

Dates: 1994 - 2004

Julia Croon Zinester Ephemera Collection

Identifier: SC10-04

This collection contains multiple pieces of artwork that display Croon’s original writings and three decorated, empty lunch boxes.

Dates: Circa 1990s

Sara Jaffe Zinester Ephemera Collection

Identifier: SC10-06

This collection consists of 2 VHS recordings and 8 t-shirts from zinester, Sara Jaffe.

Dates: circa 1990s through 2000s

Cheryl Tapper Zinester Ephemera Collection

Identifier: SC10-07

This collection contains multiple VHS and cassette tapes containing the film and music depicting the mood and thoughts of women in the zine community at this time. There are multiple ads that show how zines were ordered, call for submissions, and flyers for Riot Grrrl conventions. There are also six t-shirts included in this collection.

Dates: 1993-1999

Sarah From Zinester Ephemera Collection

Identifier: SC10-08
Dates: 1995 - 1998

Marissa Falco Zinester Ephemera Collection

Identifier: SC10-09

This collection consists of buttons, correspondence, artwork, flyers, programs and other ephemera from zinester Marissa Falco.

Dates: 1996 - 2015

Lauren Jade Martin Zinester Ephemera Collection

Identifier: SC10-03

This collection consists of zine distros, stickers, photographs, clippings, and t-shirts from zinester, Lauren Martin.

Dates: 1993 - 2003

Tara Emelye Needham and Sasha Cagen Cupsize Zinester Ephemera Collection

Identifier: SC10-15
Abstract The Tara Emelye Needham and Sasha Cagen Cupsize Zinester Ephemera Collection includes drafts and copies of various issues of the 1990s riot grrrl zine Cupsize, correspondence with other zinesters, fanmail, zine distros materials, promotional materials, flyers, and zines created by other zinesters. The collection highlights a culture of exchange between zinesters sharing resources as well as each others’ zines in the...
Dates: 1990 - 1999

Sawyer Lovett Zine Ephemera Collection

Identifier: SC10-18

The Sawyer Lovett Zine Ephemera Collection contains original zine flats, phocopied stacks of Lovett's zines, hand-drawn posters, poetry edits, Bunny Ears Distro cards, and misc. postcards. Lovett's work thematically explores mental health, queerness, feminism, transmasculinity, and fandom culture.

Dates: 2014 - 2022

Sticks and Stones Zine

Identifier: BC12-39

This collection consists of Sticks and Stones which is a collaborative zine created by the Barnard Zine Collective, formerly known as the Barnard Zine Club.

Dates: 2010 - 2023

Jenna Freedman Zine Correspondence Collection

Identifier: SC10-02

The Zine Correspondence Collection consists of Jenna Freedman’s work as the Barnard Zine Librarian. It includes her communication with zinesters, zine distros, teachers, and libraries about the Zine Collection and zines more generally, as well as Freedman’s involvement in zine events.

Dates: 1999 - 2022

Zinester exchange materials and ephemera

 Series — Box 1-7: Series Series 2
Identifier: Series 2
Scope and Contents The zinester exchange materials and ephemera series contains handwritten correspondence between the co-editors of Cupsize and other zinesters and fans of Cupsize. Usually, exchanges included zines, trades, or other useful information about how to make and distribute zines. This series also contains the zines, magazines, and other received as a trade for an issue of Cupsize; promotional...
Dates: 1990 - 1999

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